Wishing to satisfy the expectations of its customers, Venegoni has adopted a systematic and reliable control system of its production process; such a remarkable achievement combined with innovation ensures that the enterprise will continue to prosper. Quality and safety standards are assessed and controlled through the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS), which resulted in the worldwide recognized ISO 9001:2000 Certification, and the HACC System that allowed the enterprise to conform to the standard UNI 10854:1999.

The implementation of the QMS is a tool that helps to:

  • Meet customers’ needs by delivering products up to their requirements.
  • Optimize the inside organization.
  • Optimize the quality standards of the products.

Venegoni’s main commitment is therefore to:

  • ensure that the raw materials sourced from strictly selected suppliers meet the requirements of quality standards at every step of the production process.
  • conduct an analysis of food operations:
    • Process flow diagram.
    • Hazard analysis.
    • Preventive measures.
    • Determination of critical control points (CCP) by the application of the decision tree (HACCP).
    • Critical limit determination.
    • Monitoring activities (procedure, frequency, records).
    • Deviation evaluation, preventive and corrective measures.
  • stick to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) so that the criteria are met and correct procedures are followed.
  • plan for yearly investment in training and refresher courses for the personnel.
  • establish procedures for verification.
  • validate the verification procedures through audits and record keeping as well as chemical and microbiological tests by relying on laboratories accredited by SINAL and mentioned in the lists of the Ministry of Health.
  • consider possible complaints and see to their immediate solution.
  • implement inside verification procedures to determine compliance with GMP.