Supply chain

The basic idea behind the supply chain is to track the flow involved in moving a product from the raw material to the end customer and thus to ensure the quality and safety of a food item.
The production activities of a deli product include:

  • Pig rearing
  • Transport to the abattoir
  • Slaughter
  • Cutting
  • Meat processing
  • Filling and tying
  • Drying and aging
  • Marking
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

Carefully selected for their rearing standards, only mature pigs coming from national certified farms enter our abattoir; the “Gran Suino Padano (GSP), PDO certified, is worth to be mentioned.

The transport of the head of cattle from the farms to our headquarters is entrusted to specialised companies able to guarantee the well-being of the animals.
From slaughter to packaging, each step of the production process takes place in our premises in order to provide food safety and premium quality for daily consumption.

All our products are delivered by our own refrigerated-box trucks; our vehicles are ATP-certified, i.e. approved for the transport of perishables.
In a few cases only we deliver our products by relying on companies specialised in perishables transport, that have been working with us for many years, conforming to transport regulations in force and to our instructions.