Our history

From 1880 to 1914 Antonio Venegoni managed the “Trattoria dei cacciatori”, a small restaurant, with a shed and two rooms with view over the Naviglio Grande canal and produced regional delicatessen. In 1932 his sons Antonio, Attilio and Antonio Angelo, who worked at a Lombard salami producer, decided to set up their own business named: “Macellazione suina e produzione di salumi nell’opificio lungo il Naviglio Grande”.

Their drive marked the take-off of a business whose growth was steady, from generation to generation, and in 1983 it resulted in the construction of a new factory more suitable to the production which could benefit from the natural resources and climate peculiar to this area of the region.

On 1st January 1994 another shift marked the history of Venegoni family: the take-over of Salumificio Bustese, a master salami producer, with its wealth of skills and traditions.

Staying true to the traditional regional methods of producing delis over the years, Venegoni offers a wide choice of products spanning from fresh products to seasoned sausages, cooked hams and salami, mortadelle, coppe, pancetta, lards and Parma ham.

Today just as in the past Venegoni only favours meats sourced from the inside slaughter that takes place twice a week for its production.